VR Democracy Civic Education Course

VR Democracy Civic Education Course


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The VR Democracy Level 1 Civic Education Course develops foundational skills in media literacy, critical thinking, public speaking, moderation, and public policymaking, to increase the capability of citizens to actively participate in civic society and contribute to policy development.

An engaged and highly connected citizenry strengthens democracy by allowing issues to be identified and discussed at the grassroots level, leading to community-driven policy proposals being developed via a participatory democracy model which responds quickly and effectively to citizen needs. This creates a better opportunity for real political engagement. It can empower aspiring politicians and community organizers to be a part of real change and allow us to assist incumbent representatives with formation of policy.

Skills you will develop in this course include:

1. Media Literacy – In an era of mass information and possible ‘fake news’, how do we become better at finding truth in the media?

2. Critical Thinking – Learn how to think critically, use reasons to form conclusions and identify potential problems in reasoning.

3. Public Speaking – These tips will help you on your way to becoming a confident public speaker!

4. Moderation – Follow these tips to be able to effectively moderate debates and host interviews.

5. Public Policymaking – Learn the basics of public policymaking and the VR Democracy policymaking process.

The VR Democracy platform is a collaborative approach to democracy. It uses a problem-solving web platform and immersive technology to simulate an Assembly, or Town Hall Meeting, where democracy advocates across the political spectrum can meet to identify issues, develop policy, debate, and rebuild civic society. There are no boundaries or discrimination, only the requirement to employ critical thinking skills to dispel misinformation and to maintain basic etiquette.

The founders are dedicated to employing the latest technologies to increase the effectiveness and appeal of democracy, building multi-faceted democratic alliances, and promoting free societies globally.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to participate more actively in the democratic process.


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