Weather 101: Introduction and a Good Understanding

Weather 101: Introduction and a Good Understanding


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Learn the basics about weather, how its created and why we have different weather seasons and currents in different parts of the world. In this course, you will learn and understand the atmospheric pressures, the earths layers and whats in them, global wind patterns, cold front, warn front, air masses. Stages of a thunderstorm and what is associated with the, and much much more.

I go an explain in detail on why our low pressure systems in the upper hemisphere rotate counter clock wise, verus the low pressure systems in the lower hemisphere rotate the opposite direction. We also go over what is the difference between relative humidity and how much mositure is in the actual air.

Understanding the different cloud heights, it’s hazards and why they are at those altitudes plays a huge part on will be happening in the future as far as if they will be a threat to us or not.

If you live or travel to the northern parts of the states in the winter time, you will learn and understand the different types of icing and why they freeze in different temperature than others.

If you are a student taking a meteorology course or just wanting to learn a new skill, weather will help you in different ways than you might think.

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who is becoming an aviation pilot and needs more information in weather
  • Weather Enthusiasts & Aspiring Meteorologists
  • Anyone who is a self taught learner wanting to gain a new skill and understand weather
  • Motivated people who are in meteorologists courses and want more detailed information on it


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