Web Design became child’s play Thanks to Weebly

Web Design became child’s play Thanks to Weebly


  • If you know how to use social networks, just perfect !!!
  • No coding knowledge is required.
  • No hosting cost
  • No web designing skills CSS + HTML required


In growing digital world, web presence has become almost mandatory, if you are not there it is pretty difficult to find you, Every one seeks information online therefore being there strengthens your image and product, but even today web design seems a costly product to small businesses, freelancers.

With help from this course any or everyone can make their own website or at least can use it to present their work in form of a portal, be it a small businessman, a school student, College students, upcoming designer, entrepreneur who wants to save on building websites

How To build A Website With Drag And Drop Using Weebly With No Coding

If You Always wanted to Build A Website ,but was worried about learning the technical skills on web programming languages like HTML, CSS. Than this course might do wonders with you. Weebly doesn’t Require you to have any coding knowledge to create , Stunning & Beautiful Websites within a  hours. In this Step-By-Step website development Course I’m going to focus upon training  you on  the fundamentals of using the drag and drop features of online website builder,  Weebly.

This Course will help you in following ways

  • You will be able to build websites/ digital portfolios without  hiring someone and spend money.
  • You will be able to build websites (as many as you want)  from scratch without spending much of your precious time
  • You will be able to build websites without spending hours of time to learn any  web coding languages
  • You will be easily able to manage, edit and update your website as and when you need, saving lot of time in follow up and making coders understand your requirement
  • You will be able to create a website for free with weebly without paying for any hosting and domain charges and only need to pay if you wish to have a domain without weebly branding, and if you need to use the premium features.

What you will be Learning

  • Creating an Account with Weebly
  • Choosing a Theme
  • Choosing a domain / Subdomain
  • Weebly Dashboard
  • Adding A Page
  • Adding Page Components
    • Adding Headers and Titles To Your Website
    • Adding A Slideshow of Images
    • Adding Galleries To Your Website
    • Adding Youtube Videos To Your Website
    • Adding Files To Your Website
    • Changing the Font of Your Website
    • Adding Buttons and Links
    • Adding A Map To Your Webpage
    • Creating a Custom Contact Form For Your Visitors
    • Adding Divider Lines & Spacer Elements for As Organized Website
    • Adding Social Icons To Your Website
  • Configuring Social Icons

About Me:

Well, I’m Rikhil Nagpal, I am a Consultant, Educator and Design Evangelist and i have seen many designers/ Small business owners and Entrepreneurs  following up coders to build their websites and ultimately things don’t work as per their choice rather objective of developing website becomes goofed up and they are unable to spend large sum of money to hire top notch website designers.

when I discovered Weebly it seemed like a blessing to me. I learnt the website creation process using the easy to use drag and drop features of Weebly within a day and trained many designers to use this platform for their benefit

Using the Weebly’s WYSIWYG(What-You-See-Is-What-You Get) website editor, it is very easy to add elements to your web pages and preview the changes instantly.

I am Helping people to develop their websites through weebly since 2010. Come Let’s join hands together to develop your skills to build stunning website completely designed and built by you

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Who is interested in making websites for learning
  • For anyone Looking to Create Free Websites
  • For any fashion designer, Interior Designer looking to create free digital portfolio
  • for anyone, who wants to create website quickly
  • For Entrepreneurs, small businesses, who want to save money on building professional websites and updation
  • Employees looking to set up their company website quickly

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