Whole-Self Attunements, and Chakra Healing Techniques

Whole-Self Attunements, and Chakra Healing Techniques


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whole-Self Attunement

Whole-Self Attunement (also known as Axiatonal Re-Alignment) focuses on reestablishing connection with the larger Self, and to work with IT to achieve total Self-Realization. Whole-Self Attunement helps to re-establish connection first of all to the Oversoul. It also reconnects the severed axiatonal lines, and rejuvenates the axial circulatory system. Once the connection has been re-established, the Oversoul transmits the appropriate energies through the axiatonal lines to regenerate, and reharmonize the various bodies according to the Divine Blueprint. Axiatonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridians, and feed into major spin points that lie near the surface of the skin. Spin points are small spherical vortices of electromagnetic energy that emit Light and Sound frequencies which cause the atoms of molecules in the cells to spin faster. This increased spin creates Light fibres that then create a grid for cellular regeneration and wholeness for the Practioner.

The Seven Basic Chakras are:

1. Root Chakra or “ Mooladhara”

Mooladhara is made up of two terms: “Moola” means the root or source, and “adhar” means the foundation. It is the very basic foundation of life. Mooladhara or the root chakra is located at the base of your spine, and at the center of your body. This is your grounding chakra which helps you to stay centered, secure, active, energized and present. With the Root Chakra, you get a homely feeling in all kinds of situations during this life-time and here on the planet Earth.

#2. Sacral Chakra or “Swadhisthana”

This Chakra is the dwelling place of the self. It sits about two inches below the navel, between the reproductive organs and lower abdomen, this is the center of creativity and sexuality. However, the sacral chakra deals with issues of relationships and our social interaction. It also correlates to creativity and creative expression. This center also controls passions, sex, and pleasure, and it teaches us how to let go. With an active and balance Sacral Chakra you can enjoy the physical world in so many ways and our creative drive is thriving and abundant. The sacral chakra rules abundance, creativity, wellness, pleasure, and joy.

#3. Solar Plexus Chakra or “Manipura”

The Solar Plexus Chakra or “Manipura” is your power center and it is a storehouse of energy, both positive like growth, self-esteem, and healing and negative like lack of self-esteem, pain, fear, and stress. It is the center of will, and it controls issues from the past as well as ambitions and goals for success in the future. Additionally, being a center of the personality it’s a state of balance. And so, it is directly correlated with your sense of willpower, self-acceptance, ambition to succeed, self-esteem, and sense of worth.

4. Heart Chakra or “Anahata”

The Anahata means the “un-struck”. Anahata is a meeting place for physical and spiritual or both the survival and the enlightenment chakras. The Heart Chakra is located in the center of your being in your physical heart where your emotions come into play. The heart controls the relationship with the self and with others. It rules emotional healing as well as overseeing our appreciation of beauty, and our willingness for compassion.

#5. Throat Chakra or “Vishuddhi/Vishuddha”

Throat Chakra or “Vishuddhi/Vishuddha is located in the area of our throat. It is our communication center, and it is the center of truth, personal expression, listening, responsibility, faith, creativity articulating thoughts and ideas. Anything dealing with skills like singing, acting, communicating, talking, or listening is ruled by the throat chakra. A balanced and active throat chakra allows us to speak the truth of Divine Love. Our every word is an affirmation, and what we say we get or become thus positive manifestation happens when we speak with love. As we already know, our words are our wands.

#6. Third Eye Chakra or “Ajna”

The Ajna sits between our brows in our forehead. The ATMA resides here, This is the center of intuition and insight, wisdom and awareness. The third eye chakra enlightens us gives us psychic ability and improves our intellect. It plays a vital role in feeling, sensing, and hearing ability, which is beyond physical. Moreover, the third eye chakra helps us in decision-making and connects us with our subconscious and with the higher realms of spirit. Also, clairvoyance, mediumship, channeling, learning, memory, telepathy, aura sensing, are all ruled by the third eye chakra.

#7. Crown Chakra or “Sahasrara”

We become ecstatic beyond all reasons when our energy moves to the crow chakra. It is located in located at the top (or crown) of the head. Our crown chakra connects us to the higher spiritual realms. It rules our hopes, visions, dreams, divine realization, spirituality (spiritual growth), etc. Any kind of spiritual downloads (direct contact from our source energy or higher selves), connection to the spirit and alignment with the source and higher purpose are possible with an active, balanced and awakened through Crown Chakra.

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