Why do we need good nutrition?

Why do we need good nutrition?


  • Have basic health knowledge
  • Know basic anatomy


Learn how to limit the damage caused by the environment on your body. Learn what our body needs and what it uses for fuel. Learn why we need to include good nutrition into our lives. Learn how we can make changes to prevent damage to our bodies.

It is important to know your body and how it functions. When we know how the body works, we can improve our health. When we know how it works, we can better understand what should go into it and what we should try and avoid.

This course will help you see your environment in a new light and help you discern the helpful from the harmful. The aim is to empower everyone to make the best decisions they can regarding their health.

This course will go into some detail about the environment and how it influences your health. We will also look at changes you can make to limit the effect that your environment has on your health. We will also look at past and present examples and some ways in which the past can give us clues to improve our health.

Health is what keeps us going and what determines our happiness. When we are healthy, we can be content and happier. No one likes to be sick.

Learn how to help your body heal itself.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to be healthier
  • Beginner knowledge on how to live a healthier life

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