Women’s Self Defense Course

Women’s Self Defense Course


  • There are no prerequisites for taking this course or prior experience needed. Many of the skills are also very easily adaptable to individual physical abilities.
  • Make sure you have plenty of space to practice as well as a soft surface to work on for the ground portions of training such as a yoga mat or carpeted area.
  • This training can also be done with a partner and is encouraged however it is not necessary to have a training partner, and this can be done alone as well. Be patient, take your time and don’t be afraid of using as much repetition or rewinding as you need to help build the skills!


This course is designed to take you through a comprehensive skills set covering a variety of topics and scenarios both on your feet and on the ground.  Starting with understanding the basics and progressing through several specific techniques to escape common holds and attacks as well as ground based defense.

Key Skills:

  • Where to hit, soft/vital targets!
  • How to attack safely for you and effectively to them!
  • Quick responses to escape common holds and grabs (wrist, chokes, hair grabs, etc.)
  • What to do if you are on the ground and how to get an attacker off of you!

Course Outline:

  • Lecture: “Layers of Defense” – Mental skills to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • Lesson #1 – Stand Up: Single Wrist & Double Wrist Grab
  • Lesson #2 – Ground: Kicking & Keeping Distance
  • Lesson #3 – Stand Up: Front & Rear Chokes
  • Lesson #4 – Ground: Mounted Defense (attacker sitting on top of you)
  • Lesson #5 – Stand Up: Bear Hug & Rear Hair Grab
  • Lesson #6 – Ground: Inside Guar (attacker is between your legs)
  • Lesson #7 – Stand Up: Rear One Arm Choke (drag back)
  • Lesson #8 – Ground: Pinned On Your Stomach (attacker is sitting on your back)
  • Lesson #9 – Stand Up: FULL REVIEW of all Stand Up Skills
  • Lesson #10 – Ground: FULL REVIEW of all Ground Skills

Comprehensive E-Book Training Guide Included.  This will be emailed out after you enroll in the course.

No previous experience is required.  Lessons are designed for all levels and abilities and are formatted to follow along and practice with the instructor.   

Have a friend you want to train with?  These skills are also great to work with a training partner.  Grab a friend and let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for individuals who are interesting in developing a simple and effective response to physical threats and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Whether this is your first time exploring any sort of self defense training or you are an experienced practitioner our goal is that you leave this course with a plan. You don’t have to be perfect at it, you don’t have to even remember everything, however just understanding that you CAN do something and that you HAVE a response is a huge step in the right direction for your personal safety! Like any skill the more you do the better you will own that skill. Be patient, stick with it and don’t be afraid to put in some good repetitions! We are excited to be on this journey with you and look forward to helping to empower you to be a better, stronger, and more prepared version of yourself!


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