Writing a Book: Creative Writing Skills: Book Writing

Writing a Book: Creative Writing Skills: Book Writing


  • The course demonstrates writing on Windows 10 using Microsoft Word 2016


In this course I demonstrate how to write a book by recording my computer screen while outlining, writing and editing a book in real time.  Become a better writer by watching me and then pausing the video and replicating the step that I just demonstrated.  These writing sessions are recorded in real time all the way from outlining a book, to writing the book and even self-editing the book using visual editing techniques and Grammarly grammar checking software .  Watch as I create a book from scratch without having any prior idea of what I’m going to write.  You can eve watch me scratch my head and think since a head shot video of me is displayed in the lower right of each lecture.

Whether you’re new to writing, experienced or English isn’t your native language, this course is for you.  The course is based on the simple principle that people learn fastest by copying the actions of others.  Once you’ve internalized the techniques outlined in the course then you’ll be ready to write your own book employing your unique writing style.

A Real Time Writing Session in Microsoft Word 2016

Each lecture features a blown up screencast of a Microsoft Word 2016 writing session with me in the lower right hand corner of the screen as a green screen talking head video.  The course is recorded in real time capturing all my mistakes and success from which you can learn.  Watch as I actually write a book (or at least part of one), then pause the video and do what I just demonstrated.

Digest the Course Material By First Watching and Then Doing

The recommended way to internalize the material contained in this course is to watch a lecture and then pause the video and go replicate what I just demonstrated.  You can replay the lecture at any time if you can’t remember each step.  I recommend that you try to duplicate my exact outline, writing and editing process as demonstrated.  In the end you’ll have a finished manuscript and will have improved your writing skills by following along with the course.

Want to Learn How to Write?  Let Me Show You How

This course is unique for me in the sense that I’ve done very little editing to the recorded video.  This has allowed me to produce the course fast and allows you to watch the entire process in real time.

In addition, I plan to release this course early in the development process.  In fact, I’d like to release it after the first day of recording.  I’ll then come back to the course and continue adding material until the book is finished or the course is long and has provided a sufficient demonstration of the book writing process.

Enroll Now!

Don’t forget Udemy’s 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.  This should make enrolling an easy decision.

Please enroll now if you’re ready to begin writing a book with me and by doing so improve your writing process and skills.

I’ll see you in the classroom,


Who this course is for:

  • Brand new writers looking to learn how to write a book by watching and then doing
  • Experienced writers looking to improve their writing by watching and then doing
  • Non-native speaking students looking to improve their writing skills


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