Writing Exploits In Ethical Hacking

Writing Exploits In Ethical Hacking


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Hi there,

Welcome to my course.This course starts with very basics. First you will learn how to install the the tools, some terminology and how devices communicate with each other. Then you will learn how to scan vulnerabilities with Nessus and gain full access to computer systems via discovering the weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

An exploit is a code that takes advantage of a software vulnerability or security flaw. It is written either by security researchers as a proof-of-concept threat or by malicious actors for use in their operations. When used, exploits allow an intruder to remotely access a network and gain elevated privileges, or move deeper into the network.

In some cases, an exploit can be used as part of a multi-component attack. Instead of using a malicious file, the exploit may instead drop another malware, which can include backdoor Trojans and spyware that can steal user information from the infected systems. Based on popular usage of exploit terms, an exploit is referred to as a zero-day exploit when it is used to attack a vulnerability that has been identified but not yet patched, also known as a zero-day vulnerability.

Exploits are often incorporated into malware, allowing them to propagate and run intricate routines on vulnerable computers. Exploit kits are popular in the cybercriminal underground because they provide management consoles, an array of exploits that target different applications, and several add-on functions that make it easier to launch an attack. They were first offered in the Russian underground in 2006.

You will learn more exciting things to do with exploits in this course. See you inside!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to find vulnerabilities to exploit



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