Yoga Breathing Techniques: Inviting calm & clarity with Yoga

Yoga Breathing Techniques: Inviting calm & clarity with Yoga


  • Clearance to practice yoga and desire to learn basic poses and pranayama
  • Not required but may be helpful: Yoga mat and block or blanket


Yoga Breathing Techniques: Inviting calm & clarity with Yoga

Learn breath patterns, movement practices, and experience guided relaxation to alleviate stress and invite calm

In today’s stressful world, becoming aware of how you breathe and understanding the relationship between respiration and the nervous system can be an essential component of maintaining good health.  Did you know that proper breathing can reduce stress and associated symptoms?  This class been designed to teach you how to use the tools of yoga to bring calm and relaxation back to your life.

How we breathe effects how we feel. How we feel effects how we breathe. Learn how to unwind the unhelpful breath patterns that accompany chronic stress and re-establish a baseline breath pattern that promotes well being. From this foundation, you will learn two techniques for eliciting the body’s relaxation response, unwinding tension in both body and mind. Finally, you will be guided through a gentle yoga sequence ending with guided relaxation.

This course includes…

>> Strategies for Diaphragmatic Breathing

>> Breathing Techniques for Calm & Relaxation

>> Yoga for Alleviating Stress

Meghan Hogan has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2011.  She has a decade of experience in the field of Speech-Language Pathology.  She is a mother of two young children and has served as a caregiver for her aging family members.  The combination of these experiences has led Meghan to identify her willingness to hold space for people through the heartbreak and joys of life unfolding as her greatest strength.  She combines her compassion, communication skills and the wealth of yoga practice to support people in shifting from struggling against themselves to embracing themselves more fully.  Meghan focuses her continuing education on trauma-informed practice, stress management, and sleep hygiene.

Who this course is for:

  • Learn Yoga stress management tools
  • Anyone who wants to learn yoga breathing
  • People interested in meditation & relaxation


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